About Me

If I had to describe myself, I would say I am an artist. An artist in every aspect of my life: contrary to what is believed, art is not just drawing or painting, it is the process of seeking new, creative and alternative ways of doing things. Of course it implies hard work, long hours of experimenting and a lot of trial & error.

It is, above all things, a question of assuming risks; taking the unexplored way might also lead to bad results and huge disappointments, which can be probably avoided by taking the conventional way. However, in the end, taking risks leads to new knoweldge, new opportunities to improve (even if the results are not the desired ones), following blindly a set of instructions leaves no space for improvements.

In this sense, you can do everything artistically, even data analysis. It is just about taking risks. In fact, it is this way of doing things which makes the difference in the end.

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